• Kylee has been our lawyer for about 6 years, and has helped us with a number of legal issues. She has guided us through the sale of our house to incorporating our business and was always there to answer our questions and advise us on all the little details that came up ensuring we made it to our goal. But the most important issue she helped us through was the adoption of our daughter. It was not straight forward, there were lots of small victories and many tears shed through the process, but we could always count on her support. She is kind, compassionate, and empathetic. She stood by us through it all, and for that we are eternally grateful.

    Kylee is smart, strong and fully capable at handling anything you throw her way, regardless of how unorthodox it is and believe me, we offered her some challenges. She always met them head on and never made us feel foolish for asking.

    Karen and Tom - Kenora
  • I am a divorced father of two girls. I first had the pleasure of meeting Kylee during the custody proceedings with my ex-wife. During a very stressful time in our lives, Kylee was able to allay my doubts and stresses about my case. While still balancing other clients and demands on her time, she was able to guide me through the court process with kindness, patience and professionalism. I was able to feel confident in the outcome of my case, and thanks to her efforts, we were able to receive the outcome we originally had sought. Throughout the entire proceeding, it was evident that Kylee had my children’s best interests in mind.

    Currently, both children reside in my care full time. I cannot say enough thanks to Kylee for her guidance and care in dealing with my custody process. I remain grateful to Kylee for all that she helped to accomplish and would highly recommend her services to other clients in the future. I would not hesitate to enlist her services again myself, should I ever need legal advice in the future.

    All in all, Kylee was a great help in my legal journey and maintained a kind and courteous demeanor throughout. She is level-headed and devoted to her clients always.

    A Thankful Father;
  • Thank you Kylee for the legal advice and direction you provided in expediting the separation settlement for me.

    You provided me even handed advice throughout and gave me the strength to handle the emotional charges and the aggressive, destructive legal stance from the other side. The firm and positive position you established won out in the end and I thank you.

    I would end saying that I can enthusiastically recommend you to anyone requiring help in family matters. They would be in very good hands.
    Diana - Kenora
  • Kylee put me at ease the moment I met her at my first meeting. I filed for a divorce which was an extremely dark time of my life. She led the way and helped me on my difficult journey. Kylee was very easy to talk to. She was very patient and caring. When I needed to complete forms she answered any questions I had. She assisted with all aspects of my divorce. I received a fair settlement which was done in a professional way. She also prepared my will and power of attorney. Kylee made my life easier knowing I could count on her.
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